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Galilee Enterprise - An Authorized MapInfo Partner

As an Authorized MapInfo Provider, Galilee Enterprise offers and supports the complete range of MapInfo products and solutions.  Beyond the standard boxed products, Galilee Enterprise provides value-add in the form of superior customer support, custom training and application development, and practical industry knowledge.  We work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure their happiness and success.

Contact Galilee Enterprise today to learn more about how MapInfo products can help your organization!

- About MapInfo Corporation -

MapInfo Corporation is a global software company that integrates software, data and services to help customers realize greater value from location-based information and drive more insightful decisions. MapInfo products and solutions help government and business meet a diverse set of needs - from asset management and network planning, to site selection, risk management and "what's near me" mobile applications.

More than 700,000 customers in nearly every industry sector around the world use MapInfo technology and expertise. Location-based predictive analytics have helped the retail, real estate, banking and restaurant industries better understand their customers and markets. By integrating MapInfo's modeling expertise, software and data, customers can make better decisions about market and product potential, store location and demographics resulting in increased revenue and decreased costs.

MapInfo Headquarters - Troy, NY

Corporate Headquarters
One Global View
Troy, New York 12180

Company History
Founded: 1986
Date Public: 1994

Financial Information
Stock Symbol: (NASDAQ: MAPS)
Fiscal Year 2005 (MapInfo's fiscal year is October 1-September 30)
Net Revenue: $124.7 Million

Employee Headcount
830 (As of March 2005)

Significant Acquisitions
2005 MarkeTech Systems, Inc.
2005 GeoBusiness Solutions Limited
2004 Southbank Systems Limited
2003 Thompson Associates 
2001 ERSIS 
2000 Compusearch, Inc. 
1998 On Target Mapping 
1997 The Data Consultancy 
1996 SpatialWare technology from Unisys Corporation

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