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MapInfo AnySite® Features:

Advanced Plug-ins - Plug-in Smart Site Solutions and let MapInfo AnySite® guide you to the locations that best fit your specific trade area and customer profile requirements. MapInfo AnySite® is also the platform that exclusively supports MapInfo-Thompson custom predictive analytics such as market optimization, sales transfer, supportable stores and many more. 

Enhanced Reporting - MapInfo AnySite® has been enhanced to support Index Reporting. Index areas can be defined by individual or a summary of standard units of geographies such as counties, states, etc., or by individual or a combination of site trade areas. Index reporting makes your analysis more insightful. 

Edit Points - Users now have the ability to edit point layers directly within MapInfo AnySite®. Editing of location layers derived from RDBMS and/or MapInfo tables are supported. Used in conjunction with aerial imagery will enable you to realize rooftop level accuracy of your location points.

Improved Performance - Report generation and thematic map rendering can be up to 3 times faster in this latest release.

Improved Compatibility with MapInfo Pro - Users can now create MapInfo workspaces in AnySite®, then open them in MapInfo Professional® to perform more complex GIS analysis. A perfect means to satisfy the needs of advanced users.

Improved Exporting - Export your presentation quality maps to any of the popular formats, including PSD, PNG, JPEG, TIFF and EMF.

Enhanced Mapping - Improved labeling controls allow users to create presentation quality maps to exact specifications.

Enhanced Trade Area Definition - Users can now define trade areas using sectored rings.

Print Preview - Using MapInfo AnySite's print preview option allows users to see exactly what their map will look like prior to printing.

- MapInfo AnySite® -

MapInfo AnySite® is the premier and preferred location-based software solution from MapInfo, the global leader in Predictive Analytics.

MapInfo AnySite® is an essential decision support tool for leaders in retail, restaurant, real estate and financial services. It is designed specifically to provide analysts and marketers insight into their location, customer and market research -- from the desktop to the enterprise. MapInfo AnySite® is critical for analyzing the relationship between store performance and market trade area demographic characteristics. MapInfo AnySite® is based on an open architecture that will enable you to integrate the specific content you need from the sources you prefer. 

With MapInfo AnySite®, you can connect, retrieve, report and map any information from your proprietary database to analyze trade area data quickly, easily and accurately. In addition, MapInfo AnySite's
built-in user security allows administrators to lock down access to sensitive data. 

MapInfo AnySite® is easily deployable across a number of configurations including LAN, WAN, thin client, and browser-based environments. Whether you need one seat or hundreds, MapInfo AnySite
® is the application of choice for location, customer, and market analysis.

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System Requirements

Recommended Hardware:
System:  833 MegaHertz machine or better. At least 64 MB of RAM or better. 

Storage:  State level systems: 5 Gigs Regional level systems: 9 Gigs National level systems: 12+ Gigs

Monitor:  15 inch monitor with graphic accelerator card, 16 bit color or greater. Minimum of 800x600 resolution is required.

Software Operating System:
Microsoft Window 2000 Professional SP 2 Build 2195
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows 7
Citrix Metaframe XP
MapX® 5.0
MapInfo Professional
® 11.5 Build 19 or better
MapMarker® Plus 6.0 or better

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