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The following data products cover a wide range of spatial information that will help you get the most out of any GIS solution.  Whether you need display quality streets, political boundaries, demographic data or even traffic counts, Galilee Enterprise can help.  

If you do not find what you're looking for on this page, just give us a call.  We offer many additional data products, including international data.

Easy to Use

MapInfo products are, by design, easy to use.  The series of maps below depicts such ease-of-use by highlighting the built-in autoloader and style templates that come with MapInfo StreetPro®. You can see the automatic style changes that occur at different zooms - no manual style overrides necessary. (Click on the thumbnails to view full-sized maps.)

10 mile zoom

5 mile zoom

1 mile zoom

- Data Products -

StreetPro®  The world's leading desktop software for mapping and geographic analysis.  Versions include StreetPro® Display and StreetPro® with Enhanced Address Layer (EAL). 

StreetInfo U.S.  Newly updated streets offering the latest TIGER® data for mapping presentations and analysis.

Dynamap® Data  Various datasets covering highways, major roads, traffic counts, ZIP codes, ZIP+4 centroids, carrier routes.

TargetPro® Bundles and MapInfo PowerPacks  There are a variety of additional datasets for use within MapInfo TargetPro® software that include logical combinations of demographic data (income, age, ethnicity, etc.) and geographic boundaries.  PowerPacks are collections of demographic data organized into common-sense packages. Contact Galilee Enterprise for more detailed descriptions of the various TargetPro® bundles and PowerPacks.

BusinessPoints  Over 15 million geographic points representing business locations throughout the United States. Includes name, address, number of employees, parent company information, public/private designations and more.

ExchangeInfo™ / ExchangeInfo™ Plus  Set of Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) landline Wire Centers and associated service areas. Includes Area Code (NPA), prefixes (NXX) and Wire Center code. Plus includes CLLI™ Codes, LATA assignments, Rate Center names, Exchange names, Carrier Type info and more.

WirelessInfo™  Company coverage maps (as advertised) of major Communications Services, such as Voice, Data and Paging for providers in the United States. 

Telecommunications Data  Various datasets including area code (NPA) boundaries, Local Access Transport Areas (LATAs), Local Exchange Carriers (LECs), coverage areas and switch data for U.S. Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs), Rate Center boundaries, Point of Presence (POP) locations, Personal Communications Services (PCS) markets, and much more.

EnergyInfo™ / EnergyInfo™ Plus  Utility service territory information for the U.S. and Canada, including federal, investor-owned utility, municipal and cooperative, non-regulated, investor-owned local distributor companies, investor-owned utility holding companies and municipal local distribution service territories. Plus includes infrastructure information about electric utility transmission lines and natural gas pipelines.

MediaPrints™  Comprehensive U.S. cable data set includes 10,000 cable systems. Includes digital service areas, high-speed Internet access areas, with cable overbuilds and wireless systems represented as separate map layers.

MobileMarketInfo™  MobileMarketInfo™ is used for mapping and analyzing the wireless license landscape. Complete with market partitioning and frequency dis-aggregation, MobileMarketInfo™ consists of Cellular Market Areas (CMA), and Personal Communication Service Areas (PCS).


NEW!  RiskDataInfo™

RiskDataInfo, MapInfo’s comprehensive weather peril and natural disaster database.

PSYTE® U.S. Advantage

PSYTE Advantage is the superior neighborhood segmentation solution for target marketers and offers the following powerful performance advances:

* Comprehensive information culled from dozens of consumer and geographic databases with purchasing, healthcare, and lifestyle data, plus the latest U.S. Census.

* Neural net and hierarchical clustering algorithms that group the over 208,000 U.S. neighborhoods into one of 72 clusters.

* Clusters that are broken down by population density, household income, marital status, and presence of children – each with its own demographic character and colorful name, such as “Moos & Modems' and 'Balancing Acts.”

* Easy-to-understand cluster descriptions, photographic snapshots, and a color-coded, rainbow-shaped graphic of clusters that lets users quickly see similarities among them that can be used to leverage multiple clusters for specific campaigns. 

* The unique ability to integrate organizations’ sales records, campaign histories, survey data, and more -- greatly increasing their ability to analyze and predict consumer behavior.

Learn more about the PSYTE
Cluster Segments

NEW!  HotSpotInfo™

Hotspot – a location in which wireless connectivity to various network resources exists. Currently locations are focused in public areas (coffee shops, airports, hotels, etc.) to provide wireless access to the Internet. 

MapInfo's HotSpotInfo™ is a nationwide set of hotspots and is compatible with all MapInfo products. 

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