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MapInfo MapX® Mobile Features:

Raster Support - Support for most popular raster formats.

GPS Integration - Applications can import and display coordinates from a GPS device.

Thematic Shading - Create thematically shaded maps on the fly. Represent data in a variety of ways on the map. You can do bar charts, pie charts, individual value, and ranged themes.

ADO Connectivity - Connect to Pocket Access and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Windows CE Edition via ADO.

User Controls - MapX® Mobile provides you with a number of stock tools and dialogs that you can expose to the user in your application. Tools can allow users to pan and zoom the map, add point, line or region features, select or label features of any type, and add text or symbol annotations to the map are included and require no code to be written by the developer. Dialogs are also included that allow users to control many of the map properties. They can add and remove layers, control the display of map features and edit the display of thematic maps. The application developer can expose as much or as little of this control to the users as desired.

Coordinate System/Projection - On the fly coordinate system/projection transformation (including custom affined transformations and custom datum) lets different layers with different base coordinate systems & projections be displayed in a common coordinate system & projection.

- MapInfo MapX® Mobile -

The premier development tool for creating customized mapping applications for the Pocket PC.

MapInfo MapX® Mobile is a development tool for creating map-based applications for mobile workers. Applications that are built with MapInfo MapX® Mobile leverage the Pocket PC Windows OS, running on devices such as the Compaq iPAQ and HP® Jornada. This specialized version of the popular MapInfo MapX® Active X Control can be used to bring existing map-based applications onto mobile devices, or to create new applications.

With MapInfo MapX® Mobile it's possible to create powerful, feature rich applications for any mobile workforce. In the commercial sector, these include applications for service/repair representatives, sales professionals, field engineers/ technicians, or claims representatives.  Within government, these include applications for law enforcement professionals, health/building/agricultural inspectors, social services caseworkers and other mobile professionals.


  • Applications work anywhere—indoors, outdoors, rural or urban—they don’t require wireless connectivity. 

  • The application and data reside on the device. 

  • Any and all data can be synchronized with the desktop, including MapInfo .TAB and .GST files. 

  • Applications can connect to Pocket Access and Microsoft® SQLTM Server 2000 Windows CE Edition. 

  • Applications created with MapInfo MapX® Mobile can also receive up content via a wireless connection. For example, an application written with MapX® Mobile can display maps generated by MapInfo MapXtreme®, our Internet/intranet mapping application server. 



PDA Device:
Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 PDA with StrongArm or Xscale Processor with 32MB of RAM (64 MB Recommended for data storage)

Supported Operating Systems: 
Pocket PC 2003, Pocket PC 2003 Phone Edition.

Desktop Developer System:
PC with Pentium processor; Pentium 400MHz or higher processor recommended Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system with Service Pack 2 installed 128 MB RAM (196 MB recommended)

Operating Systems: 
Windows 2000 Professional sp4, Windows XP Professional sp2

Supported Emulators: 
PocketPC 2003

Windows® CE eMbedded Visual Tools 4.0 available here  

Pocket PC Emulator from Microsoft and other utilities are available here

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