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New MapXtreme® for Windows® Upgrades:

Sample Application Wizard - This sample application wizard will allow Microsoft Active Sever Pages (ASP) users to quickly develop and deploy sample applications. The modular design of the wizard tool allows you to build a sample application that includes only the features you are interested in using. The application builder will guide you through the process of setting up applications such as 'find the nearest' or thematic analysis. The sample applications create ASP code that the developer can then modify, extend or change to meet any custom requirement.

Save State Object - Now you can greatly decrease time and effort involved in deploying an application. The new Save State Object feature remembers what a given user of an application was doing - i.e. what layers were turned on, how far he/she was zoomed in, what they were looking at, etc. The Save State Object will remember all of this information for the developer so that they do not need to write code to do that. This exciting new feature greatly reduces the opportunity for developer error and ensures that state management is done as efficiently as possible to provide optimal performance.

Label Thematics - This new feature allows the appearance of labels to be controlled by a value in the database. Rather than having all of the labels in one font, labels can now be displayed in various fonts, colors or sizes driven by some value in the database. Individual value and ranged thematics are powerful tools for conveying information to users. Developers can now add themes to labels in addition to regions or features to convey information about underlying data.

Label Enhancements - In MapX® 5.0, Labels can now be curved around roads!  Individual labels are now selectable and editable. Users can change the orientation of a label around a point or curve a label around a road. The new label functionality makes it easier for the user to read and interpret the information that is being displayed on the map. It also gives users better control over the look and feel of their maps.

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- MapInfo MapXtreme® for Windows® -

MapInfo's powerful Internet mapping server for Windows® for broad deployment of mapping applications.

MapInfo MapXtreme® for Windows® can put mapping applications into the hands of anyone with access to a web browser. With a simple click, customers can see their wireless coverage area, find the closest drug store or get driving directions to their next sales calls. And network engineers can visually spot disruptions in their network - automatically notifying customers of service outages. 

Applications running on a managed server network offer huge economies of scale - lowering hardware and administrative costs - while dramatically improving application performance, reliability and security. Companies who once found mapping costs prohibitive can now offer it at lower cost per user than ever before.

- Features -

Thematic Mapping -
Assign values to different areas on a map and display value ranges using several methods, such as shading, graduated symbol, individual value, dot density, pie charts and bar charts. 

Map Display - MapXtreme® supports your data in addition to a number of other popular formats. Supported formats include: Oracle Spatial, SpatialWare® for SQL Server, SpatialWare® for Informix, MrSID compression format, ECW compression format, ADRG, CADRG, CIB, ASRP and NITF raster formats. 

Geocoding - Place locations, such as customers, on a map to the level of ZIP Code centroids. For exact street level matches MapInfo's street-level geocoding tool, MapMarker®, is available for tight integration with MapInfo MapXtreme®

Scalability - MapXtreme's architecture is extremely efficient - as your Web site traffic grows, simply add application servers to extend your capacity and serve greater numbers. The optionally bundled HAHTsite application server provides load balancing tools for managing multiple servers. 

Compatible with any web server software - MapXtreme® recognizes and intelligently installs with all of the popular brands of web server software. 

Spatial Server Access - Connect to live data stored in spatial servers like MapInfo SpatialWare® running on Microsoft SQL Server, Informix, IBM DB2 and Oracle databases. SpatialWare® allows you to host and query map data like any other data type in your enterprise database for greater processing power, storage and security. Storing your company's spatial data in a central database allows the entire organization to leverage that information an turns spatial information into a corporate asset. 

Databinding - bind your data or your customer's data to real geographic features in your maps such as store locations or sales territories. You can access data via any of the most popular data interfaces used in business applications - ADO, DAO, ODBC, etc.

Export Formats - MapInfo MapXtreme® exports JPG, GIF, WMF, BMP, TIF, PNG and PSD formats. 

Fully compatible with Lotus Notes and Domino - MapXtreme® natively accesses Notes databases and is fully compatible with Domino Server. 

Spatial Selections - Select and work with spatial data at a specified location, within a rectangle, a given radius and a polygon (such as a State). For example a user can request that they are returned a list of all points of interest within a 5 mile radius from their house. 

Free Maps and Data - Free maps and data including a world map, major cities, popular boundaries and more are included at no additional cost. 

New MapXstress Utility - This utility was introduced in version 2.5 and allows the server administrator to fine tune performance by determining the number of MapXServers to configure per MapXbroker group.

Object Processing - Create applications that combine, buffer, intersect or erase objects like points, lines, and polygons and return resulting data. 

Draw Layer - Draw your own objects on a map like a distance scale or vectors representing magnitude and direction of an antenna's transmission

Find - Quickly display a specific spot on the map like a state, ZIP code, city, street or customer.

JavaScript - With your MapXtreme® application, JavaScript provides end-users with additional select and info tools for more dynamic interaction with the maps.

Sample projects - Sample projects are provided to get live maps on your web site quickly and easily. Choose a sample project best fitting your needs or modify one to give the application the unique look and feel of your existing site. Sample applications are provided for Haht and Cold Fusion users. The new Sample Application Wizard is provided to help ASP users build their own sample applications. Sample code is provided for all sample applications. The code can helps developers learn how to use the tools and can be used as a launch pad for building more detailed, customized applications. 

MapXtreme® v3.0 includes HAHTsite, ASP, XML and Oracle OCI sample applications.

Enhanced Database Support and Performance - Pass-thru support allows any valid SQL query to be passed to Oracle9i. 
MapXtreme® uses Oracle's OCI prefetch methods to retrieve multiple rows per request 

MapXtreme® also supports DAO 3.6 – a common way to communicate with Microsoft Access 2000, 2003, 2007, and 2010

MapInfo and OGC - MapInfo is fully dedicated to providing software the enables users to easily create, provide and share geographic data with other users. To that end, we have be an principle member of the Open GIS Consortium (OGC) since 1995. 


MapXtreme® for Windows® System Requirements: 

Software Specifications: 
Windows NT with Service Pack 6 or Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, with the ability to move files to the server using either file copy (on a LAN) or using FTP.

(IIS) Internet Information Server web server software.

Internet Explorer 9

An active account on the server using administrator rights.

Hardware Specifications: 

400 mhz processor 
256 mg RAM

For Developers: 

MapXtreme® for Windows® is based on MapInfo's ActiveX technology, MapInfo MapX®. MapX® is a mature, OCX mapping engine that is used by many developers worldwide. MapXtreme® works with any next generation Windows operating system, including Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, and Windows Server 2003 and takes advantage of ISAPI (Internet Standard Application Programming Interface), NSAPI (Netscape Standard Application Programming Interface) or CGI (Common Gateway Interface) gateways.

In addition, MapXtreme® works with development environments that support OLE controls and does not require a proprietary plug-in. This means that MapXtreme® applications work with any web browser.

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