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MapInfo MapXtreme® 2005 New Features and Capabilities:

New Learning Resource - Just added is a browser-based tool that brings all of the documentation and learning resources in MapXtreme® 2005 together in one place.

Updated Web Controls - Web controls have been re-architectured for easier use and all web controls now work in frames. Also added is a Navigation Tool and ZoomBar Tool with full source code for easy customization.

Printing Support - new printing support allows users to produce quality printouts of maps and legends from MapXtreme-based applications, either from the Workspace Manager or through the printing API.

M and Z Values - MapXtreme® 2005 now reads ESRI Shapefiles that contain M and Z values.

New Samples - More sample applications and code examples have been added to help get the most out of the object model. 

ECW Raster Handler - MapXtreme® 2005 now supports multi-threading when using the ECW raster handler. 

IN/ANY/ALL Operators - IN, ANY and ALL operators with literal lists and subqueries are now available. Correlated subqueries, in which a subquery references a column (or expression) from the out query, are now available, and the spatial OR-lists have been optimized.

StyleFactory Class - A new class is available that allows you to translate pen, brush and symbol clauses from MapBasic strings into a CompositeStyle.

Ease of Use - Full integration with the Visual Studio.NET Development Environment, develop applications using drag and drop functionality, leverage predefined map templates and sample applications to facilitate rapid application development, develop applications using the .NET language of your choice making efficient use of the IT skills within your organization.

Single Offering for Web and Desktop Development - Single SDK for the development of web and desktop applications and solutions, efficient sharing of code and knowledge between deployment types, common and consistent desktop and web development experience.

Interoperability - Support for IT standards such as Microsoft .NET, ADO.NET and SQL-3, support for geospatial standards such as OpenLS and OGC, access your data “where it lives” within your organization using standard data access systems and protocols such as ADO.NET, ODBC, Oracle Spatial and Microsoft SQL Server, integrate location into 3rd party business intelligence systems within your organization, directly access location capabilities such as Geocoding and Routing within your application (using Web Services). 

Feature Rich - Superior data access engine with improved functionality and performance due to the use of flexible cursors, source agnostic approach to data and the use of industry standard query language, enhanced flexibility of display options through curved labeling, improved symbology and fill patterns, addition functionality through granularity – for example improved map clarity through the separation of map elements, attribute data and analysis results enabling display placement and draw order control of each element, WMS and WFS Server and Client capabilities, high performance means a better return-on-investment, built-in extensible User Interface toolbars and dialogs facilitates rapid development. Supported Databases and Data Formats - MapInfo MapXtreme
® 2005 supports a wide variety of spatial and non spatial databases as well as a large selection of file formats. A small selection supported databases are listed below:

  • SQL Server 2000
  • MS Access
  • Informix IDS 9.3
  • Oracle 9i 
  • Oracle 8.1.7
  • SpatialWare® for Microsoft SQL Server and IBM Informix

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- MapInfo MapXtreme® 2005 -

MapInfo MapXtreme® 2005 is a major .NET updated release of MapInfo's industry leading location-based development environment.

MapInfo MapXtreme® 2005 enables organizations to visualize and analyze data to discover new relationships and trends not apparent using traditional methods, such as spreadsheets and reports. Leading companies in public and private sector alike use mapping and location-based decision and analysis support systems to make better strategic decisions on where to market and sell, manage and protect physical assets, and transport products efficiently. MapXtreme® 2005 provides extensive capabilities to address these needs in a manner that best fits the requirements of our customers. 

MapInfo MapXtreme® 2005  is a major release of MapInfo's industry leading location-based development environment. MapXtreme® 2005 enables the creation of custom mapping applications or map enabling of applications and solutions in Microsoft Windows desktop and web environments. 

MapXtreme® 2005 provides developers and users with the following benefits: 

  • Provides a single offering for the development of location-based or location-enabled Windows based applications for deployment on the web or desktop.

  • Application development made easy through MapInfo’s seamless integration with the Visual Studio.NET Development Environment, extending it’s capabilities to include location.

  • Providing true interoperability through compliance with both geospatial and IT industry standards.

  • Incrementally feature rich developer tool that allows development of applications with previously unseen complexity and flexibility. 

MapXtreme 2005 SDK - The MapXtreme® 2005 SDK is designed for Microsoft Windows programmers who are familiar with Microsoft .NET development environment that are interested in developing applications and solutions that incorporate location with their existing systems and infrastructure. MapXtreme® 2005 SDK is a single offering providing the ability to develop desktop or Smart Client applications as well as web applications. 

Web Deployment - MapXtreme® 2005 facilitates the rapid development of web applications by providing map application templates, numerous commonly used map control tools, sample applications and drag and drop development functionality. All web deployable .NET languages such as ASP.NET can be used with MapXtreme® 2005. 

Desktop Deployment - Much like the web development option, MapXtreme® 2005 desktop development option includes numerous map application templates that automatically configure and load the mapping environment for the deployment type chosen, commonly used map control tools, sample applications and drag and drop development functionality. MapXtreme® 2005 desktop option provides full support for Microsoft’s .NET languages such as VB.NET C# and Visual C++. 


System Requirements:

Windows Server 2003: 160 megabytes (MB) RAM 

Windows Server 2003 Web: 160 MB RAM 

Windows 7: 2 GB RAM

Windows XP: 160 MB RAM 

Windows 2000: 96 MB RAM 

Windows 2000 Server: 192 MB RAM 

Windows 2000 Advanced Server:192 MB RAM 

450-megahertz (MHz) Pentium II-class processor 

600-MHz Pentium III-class processor recommended

Graphics Card
MapXtreme® 2005 has minimal dependency on the graphics cards. Any standard Graphics card with 64 or128 MB RAM will be sufficient.

Supported Operating Systems
Windows 2000 Professional SP 4

Windows 2000 Server SP 4 

Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP4 
Windows XP Professional SP 1 

Windows 7 Professional

Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition 

Windows 2003 Web Edition 

Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition 

Development Framework Support
Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 

Visual Studio.NET 2003 

Visual C# 


Additional Software Requirements
MDAC 2.7 for Data Access 

IIS 5.0 or IIS 6.0 for WEB deployment 

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