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MapInfo ProViewer™ Features:

  • Open MapInfo tables and workspaces (including workspaces with Raster & Grid Translucency and  3D Windows)

  • Print maps, tables, graphs and layouts

  • Select objects on maps or tables

  • Zoom in or out

  • Scroll in every direction

  • Get information on data behind the map

  • Drag map to other applications

  • Measure distances

  • Display map legends

  • Display statistics on selected data

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- MapInfo ProViewer™ -

An easy tool for viewing maps and tables created in MapInfo Professional®.

Use MapInfo ProViewer™ to share MapInfo Professional® maps and analyses with clients and co-workers. ProViewer™ allows others to view and manipulate your creations - even if they do not have MapInfo Professional® - with easy-to-use functionality.

By using ProViewer™, you can eliminate the need for paper distribution within your organization, you can manipulate maps with easy-to-use tools for zooming and scrolling, improve your presentations by copying maps into Microsoft Word, Excel or other applications, and you can quickly accesses information updated by MapInfo Professional® users.


System Requirements:

Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Memory - MapInfo ProViewer™ will operate with Microsoft's standard Operating Systems Memory Requirements 

Disk Space - 35MB

Monitor -
VGA or better (Higher resolution is recommended)

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