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TargetPro® Features:

Seamless Integration of Analysis & Visualization - TargetPro® brings together the power of geo-demographic analysis with map visualization. TargetPro® is a complete package that seamlessly integrates MapInfo’s sophisticated and leading edge data analysis functionality, with world- renowned location-based intelligence and mapping functionality. MapInfo Professional® users will find the TargetPro® interface and functionality familiar and those with no prior mapping experience will find it quick and easy to learn.

Easy-to-Use Map-based Interface - TargetPro
® makes geo-demographic analysis easy with an intuitive map-based interface. Select any standard area you wish to study by simply pointing and clicking on a map or by accessing a text-based list of geographic areas.

Combine Your Data with Other Data Sets - Perform sophisticated analyses within TargetPro
® that combine your sales and customer data with all the demographic, marketing potential, media, cluster, and other data sets available to you in TargetPro®. TargetPro® can link or import data from most popular database formats.

Import or Link to Your Own Customer Data - TargetPro
® allows you to analyze your own customer data and compare and contrast it to the data that comes with TargetPro®. You can import the data directly into TargetPro®, or link to data stored in most popular relational database platforms.

Create Your Own Custom Trade Areas - You can create custom trade areas by drawing rings, generating drive-time polygons, or using free hand drawing tools. You can also import custom trade areas such as telecommunication boundaries from MapInfo Professional or a variety of other spatial analysis packages.

Import Concordance Files - A concordance file is a set of smaller files that are combined to make a single file. If you have a trade area that is made up of 20 ZIP or Postcodes, you can import those files and have TargetPro
® report on it as a single area.

Create Custom Variables - You can easily create new data variables in TargetPro
® by adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing other variables. Other custom variable include: 

Median Variables - Specify the ranges and TargetPro
® will aggregate the appropriate range categories and deliver an accurate median estimate. 

Radially Processed Variables - Specify a fixed radius and a fixed demographic variable, for instance “3 miles and Population.” When any point is entered, Radially Processed Variable Function will calculate the population of a 3 mile ring around this point. 

Geographic Parent Variables - Specify the Parent geography level and a demographic variable, for instance “Zip Code and Households.” When any point is entered, the Geographic Parent Variable Function will find the Zip Code that contains that point and produce its Household count. 

Geographic Constants - Specify a constant value for comparison, for instance “Adult Population for Toronto.” The Geographic Constant Function will use this as a the comparison point for calculating percentages of other geographies.

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- TargetPro® -

The smart, open, flexible demographic, segmentation and analysis solution for better business intelligence.

MapInfo® TargetPro®  is the solution that enables organizations to tightly link location analysis to CRM systems and other databases.  TargetPro® helps make accurate and confident business decisions by giving you insight into the demographic and purchase behavior characteristics of any customer group or geographic area. With TargetPro® you can profile, analyze and understand customers and markets to predict buying behavior for virtually any business or consumer product or service. Explore customer and prospect data within TargetPro®'s robust, analytical and reporting engine - and then compare it with the most accurate consumer and business demographic data available. 

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TargetPro® is used extensively by marketers, researchers and analysts for:

  • Market Potential Analysis
  • Site Selection
  • New Product Introductions
  • Promotional and Marketing Campaigns
  • Merger and Acquisition Analysis

Basic Bundle -
Packaged with key demographic data and important geographic boundaries, the basic bundle gives an analyst all of the pieces needed to begin combining marketing information with geographic attributes. The TargetPro® Basic Bundle allows you to link and import your own customer data and combine them with MapInfo's accurate demographic estimates and projections in order to create reports and maps showing market penetration, market potential, or simply the population of a key demographic group in a geographic area. Using TargetPro's powerful and accurate data engine, analyses can be done on standard census and postal geographies, or for custom boundaries, such as telecommunications coverage areas or your own sales or trade areas. 

Market Bundle - The Market Bundle includes all of the power and data of the Basic Bundle, plus more than 1,000 additional demographic and consumer potential variables. The Market Bundle is ideal for analysts who need to dig further into the "hows" and "whys" of their market. The Market Bundle also includes an enhanced set of demographic information, such as detailed age of the population, family characteristics, neighborhood home value, and more. The Market Bundle can also be enhanced with additional business information data sets allowing reports to be generated showing the number and name of businesses, by type, in any standard or custom- defined area. 

Analyst Bundle - The Analyst Bundle unlocks the full power of the TargetPro® engine. It includes all the data from the Market Bundle plus MapInfo's PSYTE Neighborhood Classification System. Linked to the CRM data stored in a central location, the Analyst Bundle allows analysts to segment and profile customers, survey databases and geographic areas in order to accurately predict market potential and penetration for any product in any geographic area. For example, a telecommunications firm could analyze the demographic profile of its DSL subscribers. The resulting profile could be compared to the demographic segments living in a planned coverage area. The result of the comparison would tell the analyst both how many potential subscribers live in the new coverage area and how well that area compares to the nation, the county, or any other area in the roll-out plan. Ultimately, the profiles can even be compared to information from a syndicated survey to determine what other product the DSL subscribers will buy, what marketing message to use with them, and even the best medium to use in reaching the potential subscribers. 


Windows 2000 Professional, Windows NT 4.0 SP6a, Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7

Pentium III Processor

512 MB combined RAM & Virtual Memory

10GB Hard Disk space for One State data and 20 GB for US data


Working With TargetPro®

Follow the above link to learn various tips and tricks for different versions of TargetPro®, browse technical notes, download patches and more.

Enhance the Power of TargetPro® with PowerPacks

Quality, industry-specific demographic data modules - used individually or bundled together - to build powerful databases.

With PowerPacks, you will gain a better understanding of the age, income, types of homes and even the favorite products and services of the residents in a geographic area.  PowerPacks incorporate all of the demographic data available from MapInfo into a variety of common sense packages

The data includes standard demographics, PSYTE USA Neighborhood Segmentation System, and industry-specific data from key third party providers - all organized into 21 files, called modules. Each module has been designed to independently answer specific demographic questions.  By doing so, MapInfo can supply users with only the data that is needed.

PowerPack demographic bundles include the following PowerPacks, starting at the block group level:

Age by Income

Age by Sex

Consumer Potential Summary

Detailed Age

Detailed Income


Financial Assets & Wealth

Five Year Age

Five Year Income

Five Year Race

Hispanic Detail

Housing Modules

Occupation & Employment

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