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Vertical Mapper™ Features:

Predictive Analysis Tool - The Predictive Analysis tool will automatically identify areas with statistically similar attributes based on a user-defined test location. For example, the tool can suggest the best locations for additional retail outlets from the selection of an existing high-volume location.

Point Density - Users are given two methods to derive point density, either by square area or kernel smoothing. which indicates the probability of an event recurring in an area.

Correlation Tool - Users can determine relationships between data sets and view the results in tables. This can help users select representative data sets for quicker analysis. Three different options are offered:

  • Correlation matrix will display the statistical relationship between input grids 

  • Grouper function will group statistically similar grids 

  • Principle component analysis provides analysis of the variance between all grids 

Custom Point Estimation - Users can specify the calculation to be executed on a set of points within a specified radius. The user may select from the following types of calculations:

  • Sum of Values 

  • Minimum Value 

  • Maximum Value 

  • Average Value 

  • Count of Data Points 

GRC Reclass - GRC Reclass allows users to modify the class structure of a .GRC file, such as changing class names or merging classes with similar characteristics.

- MapInfo Vertical Mapper™ -

Vertical Mapper™ creates grids, or continuous surfaces of information, from point data by estimating values for cells between known points.

If you use location-based data — whatever industry or market you’re in — you should be using MapInfo® Vertical Mapper™. Working seamlessly within MapInfo Professional®, Vertical Mapper™ is unmatched as an effective tool to display, manage, and interpret spatial information. 

Location-based data is a big investment. Fortunately, with the right analysis, manipulation and management, it pays off in huge dividends. 

Vertical Mapper™ has a wide range of analysis tools that allow you to reveal trends in data; for example, a center for disease control can track the migration of an influenza virus across a region. Another asset is the software's unique prediction capabilities, whereby you can specify a test location and Vertical Mapper™ will identify areas with statistically similar attributes. This means complex tasks such as analyzing all of the demographic and geographic variables used to locate a new retail outlet are reduced to a couple of mouse clicks. 

No matter what field you are in (telecom, crime prevention, retail, health care, mineral exploration, to name a few), if you want answers from location-based data, you'll want Vertical Mapper™ to find them. Derive new insight by turning your data investment into compelling, meaningful information to give your business the upper hand.


System Requirements:

Software - MapInfo Professional version 11.5 or higher for Windows2000/XP/Vista/7. 

Disk Space - The entire Vertical Mapper program requires approimately 47 Mb of free hard disk space. This includes 30 Mb of tutorial files. 

Monitor - SVGA or higher resolution, high color (16-bit) display recommended. 

Operating Environment - Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 is required as the operating system. In terms of system resources, Vertical Mapper does not require additional resources over and above those established for efficient operation of the already installed MapInfo Professional program.

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Download the Vertical Mapper Maintenance Release

Vertical Mapper maintenance release. Requires existing installation of Vertical Mapper 3.0

Download the Vertical Mapper SDTS import patch

Vertical Mapper patch that fixes the SDTS Grid import routines. Requires existing installation of Vertical Mapper 3.0 or 3.1.

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