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Telecommunications and Utility companies share a common need for mapping.  Capital planning, marketing, engineering, customer care, regulatory requirements, and operations can all benefit from GIS.  Plans for growth, deploying the right equipment and products to the right customers, spotting opportunities, and marketing effectively to reduce churn and to satisfy and grow current customers are great ways to utilize MapInfo products and solve everyday problems.

The ideal tool for wireless engineers!  cellPlot is designed to meet the needs of wireless engineers in their daily efforts to design, manage, and troubleshoot wireless networks, including network expansion, logistics, demand forecasting and competitive analysis.

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Telecommunications Wireless
GIS is essential to Cellular and PCS companies. Tower locations and BTA (Basic Trade Areas) are boundaries that are best visualized. Coverage area maps are helpful to wireless companies and their customers. Drive time analyses can be easily input into MapInfo to show potential problems with cell coverage.

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Telecommunications Wireline
Local and Long Distance LATA assignments, Area Codes, NNX prefixes within Wire Centers, Rate Centers, and Exchange boundaries are very important geographic boundaries for local and long distance telephone companies. Mapping these areas along with telecom customer data will help engineering and marketing departments to make better decisions about expanding networks, responding to competition and marketing services to gain a strategic advantage. New product rollouts and switch upgrades can be better implemented with the understanding of demographics and segmentation of residential customers as well as the type and location of key businesses within the designated wire centers. Placement of fiber and sales opportunities along the fiber routes can be analyzed easily within MapInfo. Almost every local and long distance company is using MapInfo.

E-9-1-1 and PSAP’s

As mobile calls are answered in Public Safety Agencies, they must be able to locate the exact location of the emergency and respond appropriately. MapInfo tools make it easy to see where the call is coming from and dispatch to that location.

Electric & Water Companies

Most utility companies face similar problems of telecommunication companies. Location of assets and maintenance of these assets are important to be visualized both within the company as well as to demonstrate compliance to Public Utility Agencies.

ExchangeInfo™ Plus

Dataset of Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) landline Wire Centers and associated service areas. Includes Area Code (NPA), prefixes (NXX) and Wire Center code. Plus includes CLLI™ Codes, LATA assignments, Rate Center names, Exchange names, Carrier Type info and more.


Company coverage maps (as advertised) of major Communications Services, such as Voice, Data and Paging for providers in the United States. 

Wireless Info™ is used by telecom service providers, industry consultants, site acquisition companies, build-to-suit firms, and tower contractors for network planning, competitive analysis, and marketing and sales applications to compare networks (Cellular vs. PCS), find and fill in coverage gaps, to expand a provider's footprint, and to speed network implementation.

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