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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Custom Solutions

Galilee Enterprise offers a wide range of unique solutions that combine off-the-shelf products such as mapping software and data, with custom tools in order to address specific industry needs.  

Click on the graphic at right to learn more about how we've assisted clients in various industries and to learn what products will work best for your own needs.  

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Offering Online Demonstrations

Galilee Enterprise also provides free, online demonstrations featuring various spatial solutions so that potential clients may "look before they buy."  These demos also highlight the full potential of certain software and bring to light new ways of using spatial technology.  

Demo Name

Routing J Server MapInfo's popular routing engine provides driving directions, on-the-fly routing, 
WebTracks 24/7 Online tracking application built on Open Source Technology
MapXtreme® This Coast Guard solution demonstrates MapXtreme®, StreetPro®, and Routing Technology

If you would like to log on to any of the above demos, please call Galilee Enterprise for username and password information.


Custom Mapping Services

Too busy? Not enough staff? Let Galilee Enterprise create your maps instead!  We offer professional, presentation-quality maps in a wide range of formats and will also digitize custom information.  We can create basic site maps, thematic maps, amenities maps, drive time maps, 3D maps and much more.

Application Development

In certain instances, off-the-shelf products don't quite fit the bill.  Galilee Enterprise's highly-qualified programmers can develop custom tools and applications to enhance standard software and provide added functionality. 

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