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One thing that all customers share is location - an address, a ZIP or Postal Code, a phone number – a geographic component in 90% of all data.  Using data visualization and analysis you can profile your best customers and locate prospects like them.  Accurate, up-to-date demographics, lifestyle information, purchase behavior and media preferences combine to answer marketing questions such as the best location, channel preference, product distribution, and appropriate advertising.  It can be used for site selection, to forecast sales potential, to increase revenues and to analyze effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

MapInfo TargetPro®

The smart, open, flexible demographic, segmentation and analysis solution for better business intelligence.

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Media Businesses
Advertising is more powerful when the right media reaches the right customer base. Newspaper agencies use demographic data in concert with GIS to demonstrate to potential advertisers that their readership reaches an effective number of households in their preprint areas and the segmentations of the area match the advertiser’s key customers. 

Non-Profit Agencies 
The primary source of funding for most nonprofit organizations is donations via used clothing and household appliances. Determining the right areas in which to mail donation cards will make the difference in the quality and pounds of donations picked up by the agency’s trucks. GIS enables not only successful pick-up drives, but where to locate potential financial donors and to recruit volunteers. 

Health Care
Current patients, doctors, hospitals, and demographics such as age, will make a difference in placing clinics in the right location and obtaining new patients. Health care organizations are also using GIS to help them map out disease rates and using demographics to implement disease prevention campaigns. 

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Real Estate Companies

To negotiate deals, demographics and lifestyle segmentation make a difference to potential buyers. Knowing where the property is in relationship to schools, shopping centers and other businesses will make the difference in a closed deal.

Restaurants, Consumer Packaged Goods Companies, and Retail Stores
To maximize site selection and to better analyze sales and distribution, GIS is essential. Mapping store locations, sales territory areas and revenues and determining the demographics near a potential site can help businesses open the right new sites and close ineffective sites. One misplaced site is a loss of thousands of dollars, but one placed in the right area with the right demographics can bring long term revenues to businesses.

Professional and collegiate sports teams depend on community patronization to maintain profitable and well- attended venues. GIS can help identify current sports fan bases and seek out potential new markets for season ticket holders, mini-game plans, and special events. 

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A Marketing Success Story

Tom Evenson, President and CEO of Mercury Mail Services, uses target marketing through GIS to implement successful donation pickup programs for non-profit agencies. MapInfo, demographics, and segmentation help Mercury Mail determine the prime areas to send mailers. Tom has been our client since 2000. Since implementing a MapInfo solution, Tom’s business has doubled each year.

Once the target areas have been selected, residential lists are purchased, and maps are carefully created clearly showing each truck’s route.

The result for agencies--truck loads of donations!

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