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Public Safety depends on location-based technology to protect both people and assets.  Collaboration and information sharing is made easy through map visualization.  With governments facing new challenges and threats it is more important than ever to know where those assets are in case of emergency and need for evacuation.  Safety officials can better prepare, warn, and respond if the information is easy to retrieve and analyze.  This critical information can be more quickly disseminated and shared among agencies with the use of MapInfo tools.

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Crime Analysis
Tracking crimes by type and location can help police departments more effectively deploy officers to the right areas. Mapping crimes by location is extremely helpful for trend and pattern analysis to forecast potential crimes and stop crimes before they occur. 

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Homeland Security

Public safety planning, emergency response, and disaster prevention and recovery are made easier with GIS. Tracking assets (bridges, power plants, electric and telephone lines, schools, hospitals) by location and querying this data via a map makes identification of potential impact of the situation more accurate. Sharing this information among agencies makes safety response quicker and more coordinated.

The map below was generated using MapInfo Corporation's Critical Area Response Manager (CARM) Application.  

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Identifying where a mobile E9-1-1 call was made and where to send an ambulance is mandatory. Mapping the exact location of the cell phone caller for the Public Safety Agency will enable the agency to dispatch the emergency response teams to the right location in a rapid amount of time.

State Health Services

Disease mapping enables health services to pinpoint concentrations of health problems and to make plans to educate and inform citizens about prevention of any health concern. Health organizations are also using demographics to analyze neighborhoods with low incomes, language preference, and numbers of children and seniors. 

Hawaii Health Information Corporation is a non-profit agency which provides Hawaii with quality health information to improve the quality and cost efficiency of Hawaii’s health care system. With the help of Galilee Enterprise, Hawaii Health has developed a web site where the public can map health issues by health region. They can also overlay legislative boundaries to assist state representatives in determining health concerns relative to their districts.

(click on the map above to access HHIC's web site)


Many state agencies and school districts use GIS to display the location of schools and to map out student locations, bus routes and legislative districts that represent each school district.


Government Success Story

Carissa Goldner, of the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) Police Department, Bureau of Special Operations, with the help of Galilee Enterprise has implemented a Police Dispatch GIS system that brings engineering and emergency information together in MapInfo. The project enables the BART Police Dispatch team to select a BART station or Milepost Marker along the track line, zoom to its location on the map and quickly determine the emergency information (such as BART police platoon, fire dept., EMS, local police, and CHP telephone numbers) associated with that location. It identifies emergency exits, maintenance ways, and access points for directing BART police or BART clientele to the nearest entrance or exit point in the event of an emergency. It also provides schematics or photos of BART station floor plans, exits and parking lots to enable BART Dispatch to best describe the location of the emergency as well as route officers to the location.

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