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Turn-by-turn driving directions, maps displaying the route with the start and end points, drive time polygons or calculating the shortest distance from one location to another are routing applications that are easily added to GIS.  These applications can run on the desktop or be deployed in a web-based environment. Typically they involve four pieces of technology – a geocoding server (MapMarker® Plus), routing server (MapInfo® Routing J Server), a map server (MapXtreme® or MapInfo Professional®) and supporting street data (StreetPro®).

Routing applications let you create simple point-to-point routes (pictured above), or complex, optimized multi-point routes.  Drive time/ drive distance polygons can also be generated to assist with decision making, site selection, and more (pictured below).

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Mobile Devices

Handeld devices or PDA's (such as Compaq's iPAQ, or palmOne's™ Zire or Tungsten models), and today's mobile phones (such as Nextel's i730) provide an ideal platform for mobile mapping applications.  Such applications can create simple street maps that use GPS technology to display real-time location information, or they can accommodate more complex spatial queries and even allow for on-the-fly data creation, modification and synchronization between the mobile device and a main office network.


- Routing & Mobile Solutions -

Knowing where assets such as people and trucks are located at any given time is critical to many organizations. With recent technological gains in devices such as pocket PC's, mobile phones and GPS units, mapping is becoming a more feasible and popular addition to standard off-the-shelf functionality.

WebTracks24/7 by AnalyGIS is a mobile resource management (MRM) service that takes advantage of this new technology by combining GPS with web-based mapping capabilities to provide real-time tracking of company assets. From field personnel to delivery trucks, WebTracks24/7 allows you to monitor productivity and keep an eye on asset locations to ensure things stay on schedule. WebTracks24/7 is an easy-to-use Internet/Intranet application that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

WebTracks 24/7 can be implemented using Nextel® GPS-enabled mobile phones or permanently mounted automatic vehicle location (AVL) units.  

WebTracks 24/7 provides:
  • Real-time device tracking
  • Internet Mapping Console for Administrators
  • Route caching on each device when outside of coverage areas
  • Complete set of map layers, including streets, landmarks, hydrography, and even aerial imagery!

Download the WebTracks 24/7 Brochure

RJS Extensions
by AnalyGIS brings the power of MapInfo® Routing J Server to MapInfo Professional®. Create drive time polygons or rings, add point-to-point or multi-point routes to new or existing maps, and even create textual driving directions - all from the desktop. Variables such as speed limits for certain types of streets can be customized to give you the most accurate summary of conditions in your market.

Download the RJS Extensions Brochure


MapInfo® Routing J Server

MapInfo® Routing J Server is the street network analysis tool for finding a route between two points, the optimal or ordered path between many points, the creation of drive time matrices, and the creation of drive time polygons. Calculating either the shortest distance or quickest timed route between any two points, Routing J Server returns text-based driving directions and spatial points to your application. This same model and technology is used in the creation of multi-point routes, ideal for fleet management applications. Drive time or drive distance polygons are essential inputs to market analysis and support site selection and other complex decision making. Routing J Server is best for applications demanding greater customization, control and security - ideal for customers with appropriate web or client/server expertise. 

To bring the power of Routing J Server to the desktop using MapInfo Professional®, consider
RJS Extensions by AnalyGIS.  (See paragraph below left.)

MapIno MapX® Mobile

MapInfo MapX® Mobile is a development tool for creating map-based applications for mobile workers. Applications that are built with MapInfo MapX® Mobile leverage the Pocket PC Windows OS, running on devices such as the Compaq iPAQ and HP® Jornada. This specialized version of the popular MapInfo MapX® Active X Control can be used to bring existing map-based applications onto mobile devices, or to create new applications.

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